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How do I get a free roof quote? 

With the help of our roof calculator and Google Maps you can get the cost to replace the roof on your home.

 Click the button below to go to our roofing calculator page that also has a video on how to use Google Maps to measure your roof and input the measurements into the calculator. It is easy and should take about 5 minutes total.

Roofing Calculator

What will it cost to roof a 1700 square foot home?

As of July '23 the average cost to roof a 1700 square foot home is:

  • The average 1700 sq ft home with no garage is between $6500 and $11,200.
  •  Add a 2 car garage will bring the price up to as high as $14,500.
  • The cost to roof your house can vary depending on the roofing material, pitch and location.

 Free Roof Quote, give us a call today at (503) 512-0074 and we can help you  find quality local roofing companies. You can also use the link below to use our free roofing calculator to get a roofing budget.

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Free Roofing Quotes Near Me

At Free Roof Quote we make the entire roof replacement process as easy a possible. We providing the best roof replacement cost analyst with the use of our time tested roof calculator,  use our free roof estimating calculator to figure out your roofing budget.

Search our database for a local roofing company that has, if not years, decades of roofing experience. Read reviews and view star ratings from their past roofing clients.

Free roof calculator for you to use:

  • Input your roof measurements.
  • Select the pitch of your roof.
  • Select the roofing materials you want to use.
  • Price appears at the bottom of the calculator. 

IT is that simple to get a roof estimate with our roofing calculator.

Get free roofing quotes from local roofing companies that have years of experience.

The roof on your home is one of the most important parts of the homes structure. It protects everything inside the house from the framing structure, sheetrock, flooring, kitchen cabinets and all your family belongings . Roof maintenance is something that should not be overlooked, find a quality roofing  now.

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Asphalt Roof Replacement Cost!

The average roof replacement cost for a standard single family home is $7,500 to $12,500. 

This has many factors that go into figuring out this cost: roofing material that will be used, square footage of the roof and the pitch of the roof.

Breakdown of Roof Replacement Material and Labor Costs.

free roof quoteBelow is the average cost to roof a standard size home with 30 year asphalt shingles.

  • You can expect to pay $1.5 to $4.50 per square foot for the new asphalt roofing shingles. 
  • A roof tear-off will cost $1 per layer and per square foot. 
  • You should expect to pay $2.00 to $4.50 per square foot for labor to install the new roofing.
  • If you have any sheeting that needs replaced figure a minimum of $75 per sheet.

4 ways you can get a free roofing estimate.

  • Just call us at (503) 512-0074 with your street address (needed to measure your roof on Google Maps then) and we will input your house measurements into our calculator and give you the roofing estimate.
  • Use our roof calculator along with Google Maps to get your free roof quote.
  • Submit our on-line form and we will have roofers contact you.
  • Search your area for a local roofer then call them directly to get a roof replacement cost.

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