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Always check roofing company insurance and licensing before hiring.

Affiliate Members

Great News, we have an affiliate program for sales.

Our directory works on a monthly or yearly payment system where roofing companies pay us to be listed in the directory.

*We are offering a great affiliate program, 50% of all your sales go to you and not just once, you get paid for the life of your customers account as long as their account is active and with a $0 balance due.

*If they purchase the yearly payment plan, then you get 50% of that amount once a year after they make the payment.


  • If you sign up 10 paying roofing companies at the monthly rate of $60 per month, you would receive $300 per month for those 10 accounts.
  • 100 monthly paying members would be $3000 per month. That's $36,000 per year.
  • 200 monthly paying members would earn you $6000 per month. That's $72,000 per year.

We will build a check-out form for you to present to your customers. You will be able to offer them a better rate then what we will have posted for the public. This is how we will track your sales!

If you have any questions please reach out. Gordon - (503) 740-3870

Fill out this form and submit it to us to get started.

*Must have 10 registered paying members for the reoccurring payment system to be activated. You will receive the 50% payment 1 time for any sales you make while you are below the 10 paying members. So hurry and get to 10 paying members!