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We offer a free roof calculator for you to use with no personal info needed. With the use of our, up to date roofing material and labor pricing, our calculator can get you a estimate of what your complete roof replacement will cost.

Step by step on how to measure the square footage of your roof.

Step 1 - Measure the length and width of the house to determine the total square footage of the roof.

Step 2 - Measure the pitch, or slope, of the roof using a level and a measuring tape. (we do not recommend any one climb the ladder or get on the roof unless you know what you are doing)

  • The best way to do this is to take a 3 foot level, before you get up on a ladder put a mark with a sharpie pen on the bottom of the level at 12".
  • Safely place a ladder against the house on the gable end. Does not need to be at the top, just down by the eve.
  • Place the level on the roof with the end that you put the mark on at the upper part of the roof.
  • The next step in where you will lift the lower side of the level, leaving the higher end on the roof. Raise the level until the it says it is level.
  • Now with the tape measure you will measure from the 12" mark on the level, straight down to the top of the shingle. (easiest to hold the tape measure above the level and put the dumb end of the tape measure on the roof.)
  • You will need the measurement from the bottom of the level down to the roof. This will give you a ??/12 measurement.
  • So if the distance from the bottom of the level at 12" mark down to the top of the shingle that is directly below the 12" mark. If it's 6" that means you have a 6/12 roof pitch. If it were 8" to the 12" mark it would be a 8/12 pitch.

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(How to use Google Maps to measure your roof video below)

The Free Online Roof Estimating Calculator!

See how to measure your roof using Google Maps in this video.

Cost to replace a roof in 2023.

The examples below are roofs with a different square footage, and a roof pitch of 6/12. It is a 1 story with a roof tear off included.

The size of the roof is on the left, If you know the width and length of your house you can compare your house to one of these figures below.

  • 15 squares (45'x30' roof area) $9235.00
  • 20 squares (60'x32' roof area) $13,135.00.

Homes with a single gable.

  • 23 squares (60'x30' gable 18'x28' roof area) $12,315 plus the gable $3,490 =$15,765.
  • 28 squares (70'x30' gable 20'x35' roof area) $14,370 plus gable $4,790 = $19,160.

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