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Posted 04/14/2022 in Roofing DIY

Killing Moss On Your Roof

Killing Moss On Your Roof

One of the worst things you can do to your roof is let moss grow on it. This blog post is about removing moss or stopping it from growing on your roof.

Many roofing companies will provide a service to remove moss from your roof they will also provide services to treat your roof against future moss growth. In this article we will tell you the easiest method of killing and treating your roof against moss.

I want to say this before we start. "We do not advise you to get up on your roof"!

Many people will say just pressure wash the roof. This is not advisable as if not done right you can do more damage then good to the roof. If you want to pressure wash the roof hire a pro.

The DIY way to kill the moss on your roof is with "Tide" laundry soap or a similar product. (Again do not get up on your roof) 

If the roof has just a little moss growing on it, you can spread the soap across the top of the roof line and a little right above the bad spots on the roof. When the soap gets wet from rain or you can spray it with a hose, it will dissolve and run down the roof and the keys of the shingles where the moss is most likely to be growing. The spores in the moss will open and absorb the soap thus killing the moss.

As time goes by, this will not happen over night, the moss will start to turn brown and release its grip from the shingles. It will then wash down and off the roof.

If your roof has a heavy area of moss on it, you may want to take a shop broom and sweep the roof before Appling the soap.

Repeat this once a year for a moss free roof...